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For years, ice hockey has been a sport known for bringing people together. Growing up in China, I played ice hockey when the local rivers in my city froze over. This usually happened during the winter months when we huddled in our living rooms to watch the Winter Olympics. Ice hockey, on the global stage, is played around the world and through a myriad of different languages and cultures. This is why ice hockey is a global pastime; whether its players are teenagers skating over a frozen lake outside the Russian city of Volgograd, or NHL athletes soaring over the ice in Chicago’s United Center, ice hockey endures as one of the world’s most integrating activities.

My favorite ice hockey stars are Patrick Timothy Kane, an American professional ice hockey right winger for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League(NHL).

Patrick Timothy Kane

Patrick Timothy Kane

And Zachary Justin Parisé, an American professional ice hockey left winger who is currently serving as an alternate captain for the Minnesota Wild in the National Hockey League(NHL).

Zachary Justin Parisé,

Zachary Justin Parise

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